Why Rent?

Why Rent?

Renting has its downsides - rent hikes, lack of creative control, strict policies. Looking past these potential issues are some reasons why you can be glad you are not a homeowner!


Renting generally provides you with a maintenance free patio, or if there is a grassy yard it is generally maintained by the property managers. 

Walking Score is HUGE

Chances of finding an affordable option to buy in a vibrant city center is getting more and more rare, renting allows one to experience all the benefits of living in the hub of the city at a more affordable rate! 

Skip Those Costly Upgrades

Generally rental units come in a move in ready state (if they dont, you should look elsewhere) and come with appliances. Renting lets you avoid worrying about when you need to replace these items as the management company takes care of that. Spend that money on retirement, travel, or that high class ottoman.

Upsize, Downsize, Resize

Not being tied down to a mortgage is a huge benefit to renting as it allows you more freedom when making life decision, if an opportunity arises to travel to the far reaches of the globe, you can make that decision without the anchor of a mortgage keeping you down.

Invest on Your own Terms

Use that money that you would have used as a down payment on a house to start a  business, plan a trip, or anything else.

Time to Rent!!